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    14 May Born People For Sex 


    These people are good in sex and in mental level of sexuality-but when they manage things in good manner-then they are wonderful-eating heavy things and especially taking food from outside can harm their sexual life-they should be stronger in sexual life-while they know these things that when they will do something hectic-they will zero in sex-when they will get information of sexuality-they will not able to focus and apply on real life.Their schedule is shaped in this type of theories where they cannot focus properly in sexual life.They feel soft sexual feelings and having great potential in sexuality but they are not able to do it in personal life.They are intelligent in many levels and having capacity of creating the shine of attraction towards opposite gender.But they are problemful when anyone comes in their life. They do not feel happy with sexuality and sexuality is side thing for them-but they should not break heart in this matter-but actually it happens-when anyone is telling them for sexuality-then they break their heart just with own thinking-while there is nothing to be worried.Sex life is not happy life for 14 of May people. It rarely happens when they are staying happy with partner. But usually they will have conflict and they will have lots of disturbance in sexual life.While they are fiery in creating sexual talks and also having knowledge of sex, but still they feel not fully happy for sexual life.They behave childish and enjoy little time of sexual pleasue.


    They are sometimes tiny hearted for trusting on partner.They feel broken heart when they are not satisfied-then feel disharmony and sometimes not talks with sexual partner.This happens in great picture when they have hectic schedule and they are doing without mood sex and also not satisfied-then they will partner not did satisfactions to them.This should be tackled in very polite manner.Because everybody is here for being satisfied-not just you.So they should be firstly sort out the heartiest problems in good manner with soft touch of heartiest analysis-14 of May born people always feel safe in sex when outside of home-espcially in desired locations.Because of the numerological effects of Merucry of them. They should do some romantic talks some times dirty talks before sex, because somethings work very well when we do exactly on the moment where it need and they should not talk about whatever happened in past and what disturbances happened in past lives-they are not longer-then just try to be very apart from past discussions and on daily routine they have to be very genuine and knowledgeful before sex-try to tell health benefits of sex to partner-try to discuss what things must be done on sexual levels and all types of great-greater-greatest ideas about sexual life.How partner can look more sexy in bed and how can they feel more pleasure about sexual routine.Going to close the article while I have lots of more information about 14 may people.


    Share with me your life and get life guidance.

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    Dr.Hemant Vashisht

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    Today Tarot Card – 14-5-2018 

    Today is good day for keep money into the pocket and be merchantful in thinking-this is day when you have to take yourself with good manner and go to those who is very special for you-you will feel that you are into a good joining of people-sometimes we have to leave some things when we have to get new things-so try to help others and leave bad habits-nature is great and you can also into the category where people deserve great gifts and good surprises from heaven-this is day when you have to communicate properly and listen others properly-then react properly-do not make meetings so much long-they can tasteless in long manner-just try to speak interesting things and make a good impression on others.This is day where you will feel a free thinking and then in practical life you will  get free life-not only free life-that should called as tension free life.

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    People Born On Friday 

    Born on Friday people are just always amazing to express the inner loving feeling and also always very fresh and emotionful. These people are having ability to heal all with positive sweet & sensual words.They do not want hurt anyone- just always amazing thinking.

    These people are sexually attracted to people who are beautiful & emotional. Rest in mind is always running in those people. These people are when hurt anyone- then they feel to be big regretful. They do not have to be over balanced when emotional hurt. They always have to be inspirational for others- Friday born people are gifted people with great knowledge of healing and herbal things they do sometimes in life. Also they are very intelligent in understanding the emotional concepts- they are potentialful in issues of love and heal the others with help and co-operations. They are very fruitful and loving people and also having interests in earthly benefits.

    They offer very inspirational and good feelings in front of others. But when they are sad they feel so down like falling from a tree and they would like to be like dead- dead means not fully dead but sadness sometimes covers these people.They have interests in emotional needs but when not fully fulfill then also feel anger and some negative traits.They are so caring to making changes in other’s life and in own life. They always want a luxurious life and they want stay blessed and materialful.

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    Life Path of May Born People 

    Sleeping at the time of problem is the habit of may born people and they do not do any action on at the time-which is the wrong

    Habit of life and can be dangerous sometimes if any emergency come in life-these people always feel that they are into some problems but their should be doing actions-but alas they are not into it.The time always requires a social communicational action by May born people but those people always feel lazy and some times active-but they do not put the energy on right track. Generally they are very good for talking with stranger and also we find minor social layers in their life-but May born people already are into non actional concepts-that’s why they cannot sleep at night when big problems came and they are not able to sort out immediately.They should spend some time in meditation and they should be very charmful and very good mannered when they are especially alone and they have to do some type of rituals daily for as formality for creating their mental peace.They have to be spiritual when they attend any type of meeting in where they are presenting life regarding discussions.May born people are always feel that they have the ability to do every thing but some times non actional nature makes them zero to act upon any action.

    They are good in paper works and they are in goods of magical life.But they are not good in decisions-in taking or not taking.

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    Today Tarot Card-11-5-2018 

    4 of swords are indicating a long time tired thinking will leave you and a new phase of life will start and you will see that you are now having good health-rather than before you are now having a great capability for solving anything.Be filmy in some situations and a dramatic scene is going to happen.Be happy and enter in every situation with holding a ideal wand in your hand and show the magical power in scene that you are best actor of situation.

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    The number of Moon is reacting with the ruler of the day-Venus-11-5-2018-Friday 

    Today leave harsh thinkings and go ahead for better options-do not react quickly for showing that you have power for doing anything.Leave ego and arrogancy-be broad. Universe is very great and get a chance for be slient and alone in innerself. Do not speak bad words and bitter statements. You should be a person who is good and good and only good and always good to anyone. Do not be low profile people.Gay guys will get dates and females who are unmarried will get some chances for wishfulfillments. Married ladies will get problems with husbands. Business people should be very closer to whom who can give them benefits. Make your tongue sweet and see what happened.Job people will get harassments and then until evenings solutions.

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